The Bank of Moscow doesn't appear to be experiencing financial stress.

by The REJIGIT Blog

The Bank of Moscow’s new offices in central Moscow Kuznetsky Most precinct have retained the building’s historical design theme. The city neighbourhood has experienced many historical transformations, ranging from an upmarket shopping area in the early 1800s to a financial district in the mid 1800s to Bolshevik and KGB offices and back to upmarket retail etc from the 1980s.

The Bank’s premises occupy seven thousand square metres on the third floor and within a previously unused loft space. Moscow based designer, Alexey Kuzmin was retained by the architectural practice Sretenka for the re-development project.

The office space is windowless (probably a plus considering it is a bank), and Kuzmin designed a stained-glass ceiling which reflects the original decor theme of the building. All aspects of the public areas has been redesigned and refurbished including the large wooden and glass doors, chandeliers, oak wall panelling and ceilings and marble floors. The white office furniture is by Vitra.