​Is burning rubbish preferable to burying it.

The REJIGIT Blog16/02/2024

​This looks like a dream come true for wheelchair users

The REJIGIT Blog14/02/2024

​The liquidation of New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia Ltd is Other-Worldly!

The REJIGIT Blog11/02/2024

The Little Big Tree Company

The Little Big Tree Company28/04/2016

A rare version of a Bentley Continental. Number one in a series of one.

The REJIGIT Blog13/12/2016

Ground-breaking medical technology research in Christchurch, New Zealand

The REJIGIT Blog09/10/2017

E-commerce is proving ideal for a group of mothers.

The REJIGIT Blog09/11/2016

Cleverly designed triple hammocks

The REJIGIT Blog14/10/2016

Shared office space makes good sense.

The REJIGIT Blog28/11/2016

These structures may be cheaper than some tents

The REJIGIT Blog24/02/2017

New Zealand is in mourning and finding it difficult to mentally process a barbaric act.

The REJIGIT Blog24/03/2019

Mary Poppins nowhere to be seen.

The REJIGIT Blog19/11/2016